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Architectural Door Hardware

JL Hardware, is a supplier for architectural and commercial door hardware. We distribute and sell hinges, locks, closers, doors, wall stops, and any other architectural door hardware that is for commercial buildings. We also have access to residential door hardware as well. For bigger jobs that need more hardware, we ask that you call 281-516-2604 and we can give you a quote or bid for any type of job. Remember it is better to get a quote or bid if you have a bigger job that requires door hardware.

Architectural Door Hardware Products

hager hinges door cylinders Hager Exit Trim hager locksets
Hinges Cylinders Exit Trim Locksets
hager door closers Hager Exit Devices deadbolts Mullions
Closers Exit Devices Deadbolts Mullions
Flat Goods Mullions
Flat Goods Hollow Metal Steel Doors